Friday, June 18, 2010


One of the most brilliant diva ever...
She got the look, the voice, and the 'Jay-Z' as her best 'life'-accessories

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And this is SISTER btw...

Yup, it's a teen magazine
and yeup, i know, it's so me, right?
... lol ...

My new 'Sisters'... long is that since i posted in? heeheehee...
moved to the new company with new job and friends
kinda busy (well... a lil' bit but still busier than my last job)
and thank God i can (still) live with that =p
my desk ...smaller than my last desk =(
4th floor - editorial floor
my colleague: Fika (feature writer)
my colleague: Tasya (stylist)
my colleague: Rachel (beauty writer)
and this is my new bag for the new job =p

Friday, March 19, 2010

Entertainment Girls

these girls are like chameleon
they're so pretty...
no wonder they appeared in so many magazine covers

meet Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland)

and this is Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bone)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shop & Support!

Check these out...This is a patchwork of florid beauty on this original hobo bag, designed by Hiroko (Bali & Java). The composition is printed on cotton with exquisite detail, and the lined interior has two practical pockets. Hiroko completes her versatile design with quality leather straps on iron hoops. This orange bouquet sold for US$ 82.95. (My fave number 1)
Yvonne Caruzzo finds inspiration in Mexico's historic weaving traditions for the ultra modern design of this clutch. It is woven by hand with aluminum that is cut and polished to resemble palm leaves. The effect is mesmerizing. This aluminium clutch bag sold for US$57.95. (My fave number 2)
The colorful textile artistry of ancient Lanna inspires the design of this hemp shoulder bag from Chirada. It is trimmed with cotton patchwork and colorful mango wood beads. Lined in cotton, it has three pockets, one that closes with a zipper, plus there's an external fourth zip pocket. The bag hangs from quality leather straps and closes with a zipper as well as with a brass buckle. Hemp & Cotton shoulder bag sold for US$ 64.99. (My fave number 3)
By Harpreet Chawla, this charming handbag features the enchantment of white lace. Sequins and beadwork, applied by hand, adorn the blue denim purse and its rows of appliqué. The back of the bag is plain denim; two inner pockets keep things organized. This beaded cotton hand bag sold for US$ 54.95. (My fave number 4)

All these gergeous bags are available at Novica com. Shop there and you will not only get beautiful stuffs but you also help the artists & artisants around the globe. But, be sure to click Bali & Java Region first then go ahead shop till you drop!

Ca me fait jalou...

Hahaha, i'm not sure if i write the title correctly, since i almost forget my french completely. Anyway, i just found a french site about lifestyle, mode, art etc called jalougallery com. And in it's article there is one image that caught my attention: an eclair with Brigitte Bardot on top of it. Yes, the eclair cake i'm talking about...It is Christophe Adam (chef executive) and Benoit Couvrant (chef patissier) made this sexy eclair from two yummy flavors (and colors): almond & rose! This BB eclair sold at Boutique Fauchon, Place de la Madelaine, Paris 8eme, for 6 euros. Yup, i know, it's in Paris. But who knows if there's any patiserie in Jakarta will make eclair with Manohara on it... ehmm ... err... naaaaah!!!;-p

Wednesday, December 23, 2009